What We Offer

Private Office
A private space for your business.
Part-Time Office
Maybe you're looking for a temporary space?
Dedicated Desk
Perhaps you just need a quick in and out?
Incudesk Membership
Become a part of a community of innovators!
Conference Room
Gain access to a state-of-the-art meeting room
Car Sharing
A members-only perk!

Incudesk Membership

Want to join our community, but don’t really need a dedicated desk or private office? We get it…Welcome! We offer a flexible membership that allows you to be a part of our community events, activities, and other benefits. INCUDESK members can access any of our INCUDESK locations, and participate in members-only events and more.

Benefits include:

  • Flexibility
  • Community
  • Events
  • Support
  • Extra Perks (such as Price Discounts)
  • Access to Car Sharing Service

Your General Membership subscription would include:

  • Hot Desk
  • Printer Access
  • Unlimited Tea and Coffee
  • Member Directory Listing
  • Access to Events
  • Access to Wired / Wireless Internet
  • Access to Phone Booth (Private Call Booths)
Subscribe today at $55 per month, and gain access to an array of features, perks, and other benefits that aren’t regularly offered to non-members.
Experience sharing
a workspace with
like-minded individuals
  • A coworking space filled with hard-working, talented freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups
  • A great alternative to working from home and an ideal place to grow your business
  • Coworking spaces suit modern workers and Creative thinkers who enjoy networking, flexibility and need a stimulating environment to work from.
In such a rapidly changing technological world, in which innovation and entrepreneurship call the shots, INCUDESK is the place where it all comes together!
Molto Bella
Creative Director

Having an office space at Incudesk is one of the best decisions I have made as an entrepreneur. Incudesk is a vibrant community, a great place to work, meet, learn, and connect. It’s a pleasure to work amidst people in different industries of work; it’s the best cure for innovation! Incudesk is the hub for my success.


INCUDESK is what every creative thinker dreams of. If you have a vision and a plan, this is the perfect environment to help you succeed. I cannot recommend INCUDESK more highly. Seriously…sign up and work here! You will be glad that you did.

C. Stephan Brown
CSB Tech Emporium
Chief Executive Officer

Being a part of the Incudesk Community has allowed me to expand my network exponentially! It is amazing how many persons interact with you on a daily basis; “Hi, what do you do? How can your company help mine?” is typically how the conversation starts. It has been a wonderful experience being a member of the Community, and I encourage all entrepreneurs and small business owners to join!


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